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Custom Prospecting & Closing for new business

Our 3 Step process to complete our work with you:

Step 1: Fact finding meeting with you, the business owner, to confirm the following:

  • Who is your ideal prospect?

  • Where do you want to expand your business?

  • Define your competitive advantage

Step 2: Research and produce the new prospect and market report:

  • Research for facts on businesses, markets/individuals

  • Locate direct individual connections to targeted decision makers

  • Summarize findings into prospect fact sheets for calling

Step 3: Make the initial contact with the prospects:

  • Use phone, email, and direct mail to engage potential prospects

  • Secure Yes/No decisions to set follow up appointment with your team, our team serving as the primary facilitator

  • Track contacts made and results for our detailed summary report to you, our client

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